Electricity Sales

Plus Energia offers highly competitive electricity rates which translate directly into savings related to the purchase of electricity. On behalf of the client, we deal with all the formalities involved in changing energy supplier, as well as preparing the client technically for taking advantage of the TPA principle.

Purchasing or Leasing Existing Power Infrastructure

Plus Energia offers owners of industrial, office or commercial buildings purchase or lease of the existing power infrastructure in which the final energy users are the tenants of these facilities. Such a solution makes it possible to translate the costs generated by the construction and maintenance of electrical installations into real profits from leasing or sales, while commissioning it to a professional company specialising in installation services.

Optimizing Energy Supply Costs

Comprehensive analysis of contracts and tariffs, that is, delivery conditions and electricity bills. Taking advantage of our experience, we analyze contracts in detail and indicate those records which may be disadvantageous for our clients. By analyzing historical data relating to energy consumption, we indicate solutions that can have a significant impact on reducing energy distribution costs, often without the need to change seller.

Electrical Power Outsourcing

We offer complete energy outsourcing in terms of handling the power infrastructure and measurement systems, as well as modernizing and developing electrical installations. Plus Energia offers full-service reconciliation of tenant utilities (not only electricity, but also water and heating.

Control of Energy Consumption and Its Costs

We implement solutions aimed at ongoing monitoring and control of energy consumption, as well as energy costs in a client’s individual facilities.

Consulting on photovoltaic panels

Plus Energia offers consulting services on photovoltaic panels. In our offer we have several models of cooperation. We offer full outsourcing, financing and project management, including the selection of the installation contractor.
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