Electricity Sales

Plus Energia is a licensed electricity retailer. We assist in selecting the right purchasing strategy for owners of industrial, office or commercial properties by choosing the right purchase model (SPOT, fix, tranches, other) and selecting the optimal purchase timing and contract length. We have sales models for increasing the value of properties and contracting energy from different sources.

Lease of electricity infrastructur (OSDn)

Under the energy distribution license, Plus Energia becomes the local distributor (DSOn) at the site. In this model of cooperation, Plus Energia takes over billing with tenants, signing a sales contract with each one separately. This allows each tenant to choose a seller (TPA principle). The lease is based on rent, which increases the value of the property. The OSDn model also gives great opportunities in the installation and billing of energy from RES giving a chance for a quick return on investment.

Optimizing Energy Supply Costs

Comprehensive analysis of contracts and tariffs, i.e. terms of supply and billing for electricity. Using our experience, we analyze contracts in detail and identify provisions that may be disadvantageous to our customers. By analyzing historical data on energy consumption, we identify solutions that can significantly affect the reduction of energy distribution costs, often without having to change the seller. Properly selected parameters, after prior analysis of the distribution profile, can save up to 30% of costs (Audit Silver). We can also perform a detailed technical analysis of the facility for optimization and improvement (Gold Audit). It takes place, through a site visit and verification of the technical condition of the installed equipment, along with an analysis of the operating parameters of the BMS and other control tools.

Photovoltaics and OZE

Plus Energia offers consulting services in the field of photovoltaic panels. We offer several models of cooperation. We offer full outsourcing, financing and project management, including the selection of the installation contractor. Our offer includes full consulting and comprehensive turnkey project implementation, as well as the selection of the optimal model of financing and energy billing.

Green energy

With a high level of competence and knowledge of the energy market, we provide solutions for our clients’ changing world. The green transition has become a reality, and our goal is to help you implement your strategy related to ESG policies and reducing your carbon footprint. In this regard, we offer a wide range of cooperation opportunities including: green energy contracting, PPAs, balancing our own generation sources, designing tailored solutions in the area of ESG and green transformation.

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