This is the climate we have – importance of changes on the present energy market for business

Over the last 22 years the national energy sector has been “developing”. When the Energy Law was created in 1997 it had only 13 pages, in 2019 the same law has 235 pages, and numerous legal documents, including over 20 functioning regulations and executive acts.

[REPORT] Energy prices will rise

We advise our customers to purchase energy for the next year, to closely monitor the market and take advantage of short-term price drops. We use our own advice and have already made energy purchases for 2020 and are in the process of finalizing the purchase for 2021 – writes Christopher Sweeney, Co-Founder and Member of the Management Board of Plus Energia.

Green energy is a positive value for business!

The more Poland will stand out from other EU countries in the context of energy policy, the more expensive this dependence will be. However, this does not have to be the case if we keep up with the EU and focus on “green energy” – writes Justyna Kwiatkowska, Sales Support Specialist at Plus Energia.

SCF interview 2019: “Shopping malls and tenants can save considerable resources” says Danuta Tyrowicz

If we assume that the cost of electricity is about 30 percent of the cost of the service charge per square meter and assume a 10 percent saving on electricity, an energy-efficient policy of electricity generation and use will translate into a 3 percent saving for the tenant.

Plus Energy: shopping centres can save on energy

Basically when we receive an invoice for electricity consumed by the facility, all we do is check the value, payment date, and do not give it another thought. But did you ever stop to think what are the components of such an invoice? And is the entire information contained in the invoice is fully comprehensible for you? How was the forecast in the invoice devised? Is it possible to lower the invoice value? We will try to answer these questions and also others in the below text.

Shopping malls need an active energy strategy

What steps, from the point of view of the shopping centre manager or owner, are most important when optimising electricity purchase costs?

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